Accepting Responsibility

I recently posted a Facebook status that said ‘Accepting responsibility and doing nothing is the same as not accepting responsibility at all.’ 

That may be odd to most people, because I think people with integrity pretty much accept responsibility. People speak out of their own experience, and what they say tells a lot about them. They tell on themselves without realizing it. That’s me. Complaining about bipolar symptoms when they are really addict symptoms.

I heard in a meeting recently that we can stay sick for a very long time simply by ‘gathering evidence.’ Researching, reading, studying on our ‘issues’ as a way to avoid dealing with them.

That’s me. 

I thought/think the more I learn about God, prayer, scripture, the more likely it would be that the Holy Spirit would take over.

That’s not how it has ever worked for me. First I need to confess. Then I need to repent. Then I need to make amends.


I’m not unique. I’m special, but not unique.

I could go on and cite some references and try to sound smart, but I think I need to acknowledge my stupidity today.

Accepting Responsibility

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