I never have to  think of ideas to write on, because there is so much excellent writing available on the internet on every topic imaginable that come from my own point of view.

So, that said, I have been reading a book by Henry Cloud, called ‘Integrity: The Courage to Meet the Demands of Reality

It is probably pretty fluffy, but this book has an idea I never thought of before.

The topic of ‘integrity’ is deeper than just being a person who tells the truth. That is a part of it, but the overriding definition. Integrity involves the following:

The six qualities of character that define integrity, and how people with integrity:

  • Are able to connect with others and build trust
  • Are oriented toward reality
  • Finish well
  • Embrace the negative
  • Are oriented toward increase
  • Have an understanding of the transcendent

So, telling the truth, living in the truth, is the least of my problems, but to transcend beyond that. The good news is that there are tangible steps to take to bring my character into the integration of character and wholeness.

Here is what I understand to be to implement character and wholeness:

1) pray

2) be open to see the truth about myself

3) see what the issues are

4) become willing to change

5) cultivate awareness

I made a commitment at the beginning of the year. Every day I read something about prayer that I can bring into my life to enrich my prayer life, to approach my character defects without experiencing shame,

I have had many problems in my psyche with denial, falsehood, destructive behaviors, sabotage. Being bipolar, it isn’t out of character, but being a Christian, it sure should be. I can see that I have reacted in a very self destructive way due to the bipolar intersecting with mania, depression, and reaction to my distress over the overriding negativity in my home and life.

I do believer, however, that many of these things would not have happened, had I been cultivating good character…Godly character.

So, I’m doing that now. Praying and reading and going to meetings…which is actually incredibly positive considering the social phobia I have experienced over the past 5 years if not more. So I am relieved and grateful to be making progress in that regard.

My frenetic tasks to try to accomplish things like that into my life such as bible study, prayer, collecting information, reading…all of these things are starting to be accomplished. It’s time.



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