The Warrens

I’d like to give this link with regard to Rick and Kay Warren’s personal journey of grief over the loss of their child who suffered from mental illness.

They provide an exceptional model of couples, families who struggle through all of what it means to have children who are ill coupled with the loss of them to their disease.

People don’t understand whether they mean well or not. It isn’t their fault. It is just, I think, a fear of what they don’t understand.

What is admirable is that Rick and Kay Warren aren’t just walking through this, they are guiding others, educating them, giving them a path to understand. And if there isn’t understanding, there are just some basic guidelines to help to not be insensitive.

When I have had trouble getting out of bed, people haven’t been able to understand that. They don’t understand not  being able to leave the house. They haven’t experienced completely being unhinged at the post office or grocery store.

It’s ok to not understand, but if there is a way you knew of to understand, I think you would like to avail yourself of it.

I had a sponsor who would say to try to be open to the fact that you may not be right.

That applies to me as much as anybody.

But here is a link to the Warren’s interview. Let me know if you glean anything from it.

The Warrens

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