We are all a piece of the  puzzle. Our lives interlock to form an image more beautiful than any single piece.

Nobody knows everything about me, but they all know something. It’s not what I convey in words, it’s also in what I do. I try to do the next right thing every day, but I don’t. Not by a long shot.

I suppose I want a relationship with God where I can get the good stuff from him and try to make myself feel better on my own. I’m not sure why I’m afraid to be honest. Fear is a knot inside of me.

We are driven either by fear or by love. It can be difficult either way. I used to say to the kids ‘we can do it the hard way or the easy way.’ True. But we can also do it by the hard way or the harder way. Sometimes that’s the choice. Perhaps if we do it the harder way God gives us more help.

Thats what I’m going to find out.


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