I was working on a really good posting and then life happened and it actually was an amazing moment of my intentions and others intentions coming together. I had a sponsor who said ‘look for the motive under the motive.’ I’m trying to do that.

There aren’t the same type of support group for people with bipolar illness as there is for alcoholics, but the 12 step process works for just about anybody.

Educating yourself about people’s illnesses is really important. I’ve seen in other people’s lives how the program can really come together in a family to help everybody affected by an illness. A person doesn’t have to leave their home to find information. My illnesses cause me to isolate. In meetings there are people who have had or currently have pain. Being with these people, in an environment where you can share anything….and I mean anything, and being affirmed and even relating to others helps to get you into your atmosphere. I am not a born again Christian, I am not a fundamentallist Christian, I’m not only bipolar, I am and I am not lots of things. I have never been embarrassed for what I have shared with another alcoholic.

I had forgotten about that.


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