Hello world

The first program a programmer writes in any programming language is the ‘hello world’ program. A program that simply says ‘hello world’ on the screen. It is just really something comforting and familiar. It’s a way to get moving. So…here I am…moving.

I do have a lot to say, but I’m not sure I really know anything. I am in a time of transition. I am reviewing my whole life, and I’m reconstructing myself. God is reconstructing me.

I am a woman, 46 years old with 3 children I love. I am a Christian. I am divorced. I have been battling demons and fears of every kind for all of my years. I am what they say I have a dual diagnosis. I am an alcoholic and I have bipolar illness. I have social anxiety. I feel greatly misunderstood.

Maybe the details of that are relevant, and when they are, I will share them, but for now, what I am asking myself is HOW?

An article written by Ed Stetzer entitled ‘My Take: How churches can respond  to mental illness‘ is a well written article. It is factual, it is correct, and I agree with it altogether. I recommend everybody read it. The problem is that it doesn’t answer the question HOW?

For example, he says churches need to stop hiding mental illness. Can anybody disagree with it? It’s true, it’s refreshing, it fills me with hope, but for the life of me, I do not see HOW  to do it.

I don’t have an answer to the question HOW. I just know that we need an action plan. The steps spelled out clearly so people can have something to help them to rely on when relating to a person with mental illness.

It is imperative that the church be in the forefront spearheading ministry to people who desperately need a home. People need to feel accepted and they need to feel loved. That is what the church is supposed to do.

I have read some great articles the church acknowledging the need to minister to the mentally ill. Rick and Kay Warren’s are front and center in the call to love these irregular people living on the fringe of the Christian church. To learn about their struggle, the Huffington Post describes it well.

I have thought a lot about what my stumbling blocks are, what they are meant for, what I can do with them. Really the question is what can God do with my stumbling blocks. Right now at this time and in this place, I just want to make it possible for another person to understand a a little better. Perhaps I can have a little more understanding myself.

In the end, I think people just want to feel they have a safe place.

Hello world

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